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Wedding Centerpieces

In this article I will talk about wedding centerpieces and give some examples of creative ideas of floral centerpieces that have worked for me and that I have seen. Do you have to match the wedding bouquets and the wedding centerpieces? What are some tips for the wedding centerpieces?

wedding centerpieces

The wedding centerpieces do not have to match the wedding bouquets in the same color, kind of family but they can be different flowers, completely different flowers but even just one of the same colors. Just make sure that it’s somehow linked to the bridesmaids and to their dresses and the bouquets that they held but as long as there is one connecting color so that you can see how they all go together in some small way that’s all that is necessary. (more…)

Wedding Flowers

Another very important part of wedding planning is arranging flowers and decoration. What flowers should you use and what are some that you should never use? Any flower is acceptable, however obviously it kind of goes by seasons or what’s in style, what is in bloom and what is not. And you can definitely do seasonal flowers; there are some carnations that are usually not appropriate as wedding flowers. They’re not allowed. But you know what? They are making a comeback too, so sometimes they are included. It really just again depends on the theme of the wedding.

wedding flowers

My rule with wedding flowers is if someone is really, really particular about your flowers, obviously go with your color scheme. So what you do is that you or either the bride and groom pick. If they are more into what the bridesmaids are going to wear and the color of the linen and things like that, make those decisions first, and then go to your flowers. (more…)