Wedding Cakes

How do you decide what kind of wedding cake is best from taste, size and design? Some wedding cakes are more popular than others. The ones I basically have just dealt with are either very simple cakes that are tiered but they don’t actually have the tiers with them, so they’re a layered cake. Simple and usually with three different layers to it. Now there is a huge trend and it’s called abstract like Alice in Wonderland looking cakes that almost look like they’re lopsided and one is a lopsided square and then you’ve got a circle and a little sphere at the top. Each part one has got a different pattern on it, but two completely different styles but these styles have become really, really popular.

Wedding Cakes

When it comes to the wedding cakes tasking, obviously do that when you are picking out your cake. Basically if you have got different layers, you can have different layer, a chocolate layer or you can have just basic vanilla or almond flavored. Then you have the kinds of different creams in them and most large bakeries can pretty much make whatever kind you want. If you want a carrot cake and then you want the German chocolate layer that’s totally acceptable, they can do that.

Some smaller cake shops only have like five or six to choose from and you can pick that out you are limited in choice. Technically the cost is less if it’s a smaller shop. However, I do think tasting is the most important and looking at plenty of pictures and seeing what their work is like and what they have done. Normally when you go to the cake shop they actually have some sample cakes out for you to see. Then you can see what they have done in the past or what they are going to be using for an upcoming wedding, so that way you can see the wedding cakes in person.

A good trick to save money on the wedding cakes is to find out what the minimum sized cake is that you can order. Typically you know if you want one just to cut so you can do that tradition that’s fine. Normally the smallest I’d say is about a 25 to 35-person cake; you can get that with whatever design you want and then when you pick the flavor of cake you have the bakery make a sheet cake of that flavor in the back so that when the caterer serves it you know no one will ever know that it didn’t come from this one on display. You’re saving some money that way. So it’s kind of like a little trick of the trade that you learn as a wedding planner.

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    That is a very good tip to save money with the cake! Thanks!

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