Wedding Catering

Another very crucial step in wedding planning is catering, let’s talk about food. There are some tips and facts that can help you finding a good caterer. A lot of people have to deal with picky guests and with deciding what to serve. There is some general advice that I can offer with regard to the catering selection.

Wedding Catering

The general advice I have to offer for wedding catering is for picking a caterer. Wedding catering can make or break your wedding 100 percent because they are responsible for for the setup and the breakdown of the wedding locations. The wedding caterers are who can be responsible for the seating; one of the biggest problems that can happen is that if the caterer you know doesn’t set up enough chairs at a table that’s a huge. This is a huge problem and it is such an awkward situation for guests to show up and they don’t have a seat.

So again making sure that you pick a caterer who really is experienced, you want to pick someone who’s done plenty of weddings because again, like it can make or break your ceremony and your reception.

So make sure they know what they’re doing with wedding planning and stay in constant communication with them once you have picked them.

Wedding caterers should basically jump through hoops to get the particular clients they have as the wedding coordinator should, and really be there and do whatever the bride and groom want. Obviously you give advice; if the bride and groom want something that’s not appropriate or not feasible, you have to be able to advise them and give them the best kind of solutions or alternate methods of getting what they want. The wedding caterers just need to be accommodating and trustworthy.

Like with choosing a wedding planner get some referrals, look at pictures, look at sample menus, see the number of weddings they’ve done, specifically the number of weddings they’ve done within the guest range that you’re going to have for your wedding and then again call those references and do as much research as you can before actually hiring the caterer.

Also look and see how willing the wedding caterers are to be flexible with your schedule as far as if you do have many people who have specific diets and how they are able to accommodate that and what they are able to do for the wedding guests, what solutions they’re able to offer and see also what they’re able to do about if you want something specific

Are they able to you know do something creative and fun that goes along with the theme of the wedding that you happened to have had in your head for your wedding and make sure that they’re able to meet all the needs that you have as a wedding planner.

It is also important to taste the food. I recommend that you interview anywhere from like six to eight caterers and then from there go to a tasting with probably two or three and then base your choice on that. The food is obviously extremely important. Make sure you like the food and also just make sure that they’re able to meet all the needs that you have for what you want for your specific wedding.

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