Wedding Centerpieces

In this article I will talk about wedding centerpieces and give some examples of creative ideas of floral centerpieces that have worked for me and that I have seen. Do you have to match the wedding bouquets and the wedding centerpieces? What are some tips for the wedding centerpieces?

wedding centerpieces

The wedding centerpieces do not have to match the wedding bouquets in the same color, kind of family but they can be different flowers, completely different flowers but even just one of the same colors. Just make sure that it’s somehow linked to the bridesmaids and to their dresses and the bouquets that they held but as long as there is one connecting color so that you can see how they all go together in some small way that’s all that is necessary.

Different things to do would be to have some tables like big topiaries or large vases; they’ve got these really tall kind of like a free-flowing type of centerpieces and then have other tables have very short, small ones. That gives the room height and also gives different kinds of textures to the entire room because you are able to do different things and it pops all over but it’s not overwhelming. You don’t have all these huge vases and centerpieces on every single table so there is a nice balance.

Another thing to do would be incorporate fruit in the wedding centerpieces. That’s another big trend, you have this mix, the flower pieces come a little bit more alive. You can use a lot of lemons or limes or apples. Depending on what your theme is and the color of your flowers. That’s something else you can be creative with, sometimes people put pictures in with the flowers, so that one picture will be coming out or have small frames around the centerpieces and then just small flowers and that way again it’s making the table really personalized and that way you don’t have to use as many flowers.

The flower is definitely also a big part of the budget depending on what you do and how the wedding centerpieces are, it can add up. So finding ways to use more fruits and other things will lower the cost. That way you can buy a smaller number of flowers and that is another increasing trend.

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