Wedding Flowers

Another very important part of wedding planning is arranging flowers and decoration. What flowers should you use and what are some that you should never use? Any flower is acceptable, however obviously it kind of goes by seasons or what’s in style, what is in bloom and what is not. And you can definitely do seasonal flowers; there are some carnations that are usually not appropriate as wedding flowers. They’re not allowed. But you know what? They are making a comeback too, so sometimes they are included. It really just again depends on the theme of the wedding.

wedding flowers

My rule with wedding flowers is if someone is really, really particular about your flowers, obviously go with your color scheme. So what you do is that you or either the bride and groom pick. If they are more into what the bridesmaids are going to wear and the color of the linen and things like that, make those decisions first, and then go to your flowers.

If you’re very into your flowers and you know what you want your wedding flower centerpieces to look like and what you want your bouquets to look like, pick your flowers and then pick the rest around that. So you just have to see what’s more important to you, weigh that, and then whatever your decision is either pick your flowers first or pick your flowers based on your linens and your bridesmaids dresses and your overall color theme.

With wedding flowers a lot of times in the summer it’s a hydrangea and in the winter it’s kind of harder to get hydrangea; you can use white ones but it’s a little bit more difficult to get those. Your colors also go with the season. That it means in the fall typically a little bit more oranges and browns and reds and greens. In the winter definitely a lot of red and white and green or some blues in there. In spring is pastel and then summer is bright colors like yellows, purples and colors like that. It doesn’t mean that has to be the case but that’s typically how it is done. You can check out our other article about wedding flowers and wedding centerpieces.

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