Wedding Planner

There are many wedding planners out there but how should you pick the right wedding planner? Do you have to conduct some interviews and figure out who might work best for you? What would the first interview with a potential consultant entail exactly?

Wedding Planner

When looking for a wedding planner I would always ask from the client’s perspective. The wedding planner should ask for some examples of what you would want and show the couple some samples and photos. This helps to you to determine what kind of style the wedding planner has, all wedding planners have a different style. What you really want to do is find someone who is the best wedding planner for you and is a good match. Because you are trying to find the right wedding planner for you and for your wedding because you’re going to have a relationship that’s going to be very stressful for probably anywhere from over a year to six months.

Sometimes even three months, so you really want to find someone who you can trust and form a partnership with. A wedding coordinator who matches your style that you think if you want someone who is direct and straight to the point then you find that out during your interview. So definitely watch the style, and also another way I find with style is looking at the different styled weddings that they’ve planned.

So look at samples, every wedding coordinator or planner should have some kind of portfolio and with that should include pictures of weddings that they’ve had, sample invitations, sample menus, sample flowers, song lists, etc. Everything that they’ve done and that they’ve had input on and how they were involved and what their role was in that wedding. And then they should also have references, every bride and groom should always call and talk to someone else and see, because you’re definitely get one side from the wedding planner, but you’re going to hear something else from the bride and groom and then try to take your image and your perception of that wedding planner to marry it with the references. And every wedding planner should have references to give out. I think that’s definitely one of the biggest things to look at.

Also look at the wedding planner and see before you go meet with one, figure out what your needs are. Some brides and grooms want to plan things on their own and they really just need someone who’s going to give a little bit of input and a little guidance, but they don’t want someone who is really, really involved. So make sure that you find someone that matches that and is going to be able to meet that and is not going to be threatened by the fact that the bride and groom really want to take charge of this themselves. These couples want to be able every now and then to have the opportunity to contact somebody and to get some extra advice. So you really need to make sure that you know when you go meet with the wedding coordinator that they are able to give you what you need.

Now if you want someone who says oh I do this whole weekend experience and you need to make it a three or four-day event and really caters to every need and is willing to do everything and go on every appointment with you be it from flowers to cake tastings to caterers to everything, then you have to make sure that you’re finding someone who’s able to offer that as well. So it’s really just making sure that you feel comfortable and that they are able to show their work to you and to show the range of their work, what the wedding planner is capable of and what he is not capable of. From there continue and just get to know the wedding planner a little bit more.

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