Wedding Planning Timeline

The general wedding planning timeline for developing and mapping out this schedule is typically about a year. Most engagements are done about a year before the marriage. It’s really important to ask the bride and groom, how long they’ve been engaged. Sometimes they are calling a wedding planner the day after or on the day of the engagement and I say why don’t you just sit and think about what you want for a week or two.

Wedding Planning Timeline

The couple has plenty of time and think about a date and about different dates that are available. It’s fun for them yet it is a kind of year of just something always weighing on their mind, and it’s really important for them to take the time in the beginning to really focus on only on just getting engaged and have fun with it, and just really appreciate where they are in their life.

So I would just try to throw that out there in the beginning or even before the wedding planning. And then you know we come back and we visit the timeline of wedding planning, and that typically is about a year. The important thing is to pick two or three dates that work. So that’s the first thing, you are looking at what time of year you are going to be working with for your wedding plans. That way when you go to your wedding reception site and your wedding ceremony site if they’re at two different places and you are able to be flexible with the dates. They may already have something booked, so that way you’ve got a little bit more flexibility and you really want to book the church or the wedding ceremony site and the wedding reception site as early as possible, so that’s the first thing that a wedding planner should do. Most places seem to get booked about at least anywhere from a year to nine or eight months in advance. The earlier you book the better that you can do that planning. And again having the multiple dates allows for some flexibility and a better chance of being able to get the venue that you want for your wedding.

The next biggest thing in wedding planning that comes pretty close to picking out the wedding reception site and the wedding ceremony site would be if it is an on-site or off-site caterer. If you are allowed to bring in an outside caterer, pick your caterer. The wedding planner and the caterer are the ones who run the show, so you really want to make sure that you get the caterer that you want for your for your wedding.

A good wedding planner will try to knock out those three big ones from the very beginning. From there on out I find that it is really helpful to try to make all the big decisions like lock in your florist, lock in your band or DJ or whatever kind of music that you want. You want to lock everything in so you have everyone committed as early as possible. This way you know who you’re working with and then from there you work on more specific things like what songs you want and things like that.

You’ve got plenty of time to focus on that stuff throughout the rest of the engagement and throughout the rest of the year, but try to lock everyone in that you want as early as possible. What I mean by that is after you’ve picked the big wedding ceremony site and wedding reception site and the caterer, you basically want to make the rest of your decisions within eight to six months out.

Then what you end up doing, because all these other vendors obviously have weddings in between, you kind of touch base with them and follow up with them and then you really start working with them really and really closely. I would say probably three months out as far as picking specific songs and things like that. So you really start working with all those and doing the exact flowers, that’s about three months out, and then you obviously have more contact as the of the wedding date nears.

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