Wedding Planning

Many couples don’t know how to plan a wedding and they rely on wedding planning consultants to help them. Nowadays weddings are becoming bigger and bigger and couples want to make more complex and more expensive weddings. This is why there is so much work in the wedding planning industry compared to 20 years ago.

Wedding Planning

Weddings are becoming bigger and they are even more detailed and personal than they used to be, with all these monogrammed little gifts. These gifts that each guest receives at a wedding that are left on the tables for dinner, the personalized little notes, there is no longer the guestbook but now there’s plates that people sign and you have to make sure the plate moves around and then the couple can have this plate to display at their home on their mantle. It’s just all these little things of personalized touches that people don’t want to do the traditional guestbook or things old fashioned like that. The wedding planner has to be on top of all that and make sure that all those little details that make it a personal wedding are implemented and followed through with by all the other vendors.

Detailed orientation is one thing that a wedding planner should provide and there are other characteristics that one would look for in a wedding consultant.

First and foremost is trust in the wedding planner or consultant. The couple needs to be able to trust you implicitly and you earn that trust by following up when you say you’re going to do something, always being proactive in helping them. You are the expert, so you are there to guide them if they have questions and you are there to foresee problems that your client won’t be able to see.

And maybe they want the wedding ceremony to run a certain way, you have to say okay and you have to take a step back and think. Now they want the groomsmen to walk in this way and then the bridesmaids to walk in this way and you have to figure it out logistically. You know the church or you know the venue where they’re getting married, how is that possible. You have to be responsible for thinking of all those little things and how they are going to be played out and orchestrated.

That is where being detailed oriented comes in and that’s what helps with the trust because if you show that you’re thinking that far ahead and you’re looking at not only the big picture but the little picture and exact details on how things are going to happen and then your clients will trust you. Obviously you’re showing them that you know what you’re doing and that you’ve done it before. That you have experience and that you’re really thinking every little detail out and that you want this to run as smoothly as possible. And then if you gain the trust of your bride and groom and their families it will make the whole event so much smoother and just make everything be a much better working relationship with your clients.

So I think trust and really just delivering and catering to your client is extremely important. I think that as a wedding planner it is also important to really work on your relationship with other vendors. It is great to be able to go into a consultation, especially one you know, the first or second with a new client and they’re going to ask you, if you have someone that you would recommend and you know whether it be a caterer or a florist and to be able to say yes and here’s who I’ve worked with in the past.

If you can get this network of people working on the same weddings then you have trust with them which is huge for the overall effect of the wedding planning. Sometimes it’s very difficult to work with someone whom you’ve never worked with before because there is always some risk involved. You don’t know the outcome because you don’t have an established relationship. The more relationships that you can do and go out there and network and meet new vendors is really important and that also helps you as I mentioned before to stay on top of your wedding planning game. Look at trends from all the different areas, from flowers to music to caterers. All those different details add up and, it really helps in the final result of the wedding. So as much networking as you can do is extremely important and really getting to know other vendors and their industries that are related to weddings.

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